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Proteus, adaptability, adjustability, allotropism, allotropy, alterability, arrhythmia, asperity, asymmetry, bad copy, bad likeness, broken thread, brokenness, bumpiness, camouflage, capriciousness, changeability, changeableness, changefulness, choppiness, contrariety, contrast, cragginess, derangement, desultoriness, difference, disarrangement, disarray, disarticulation, discomfiture, discomposure, disconcertedness, disconnectedness, disconnection, discontinuance, discontinuation, discontinuity, discontinuousness, discreteness, disequilibrium, disguise, disharmony, dishevelment, disintegration, disjunction, disorder, disorderliness, disorganization, disparity, disproportion, disruption, dissemblance, dissimilarity, dissimilation, dissimilitude, disturbance, divergence, diversification, diversity, eccentricity, entropy, episode, erraticness, fibrillation, fitfulness, fits and starts, flexibility, fluctuation, fluidity, granulation, haphazardness, harshness, her infinite variety, heterogeneity, heteromorphism, hispidity, imbalance, impermanence, inadequacy, incoherence, incommensurability, incomparability, incompleteness, inconstancy, indiscriminateness, inequality, inequity, inharmonious harmony, injustice, insufficiency, intermittence, irregularity, jaggedness, jerkiness, joltiness, makeup, malleability, manifoldness, mere caricature, mobility, modifiability, most admired disorder, movability, multifariousness, multiplicity, mutability, non sequitur, noncontinuance, nonlinearity, nonseriality, nonsymmetry, odds, omnifariousness, omniformity, overbalance, parenthesis, patchiness, permutability, perturbation, plasticity, polymorphism, poor imitation, promiscuity, promiscuousness, raggedness, randomness, resilience, rough air, roughness, rubberiness, ruggedness, rugosity, scraggliness, shapeshifter, shortcoming, spasticity, sporadicity, sporadicness, spottiness, stagger, suppleness, tooth, transience, transitoriness, turbulence, unbalance, uncertainty, unevenness, unfair discrimination, unlikeness, unmethodicalness, unpredictability, unresemblance, unsameness, unsimilarity, unsmoothness, unsteadiness, unsymmetry, unsystematicness, ununiformity, upset, variability, variation, variegation, variety, whimsicality, wobble

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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